A day of mindfulness in the heart of Berlin

I warmly invite you to join a day-long silent mindfulness meditation retreat in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg.

The day will include guided sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful movement, mindful eating, mountain meditation, metta (love and kindness) meditation and more .

This is a day of self care, rest, renewal, and healing.

I hope this day provides many opportunities for you to rediscover the joy of the present moment.

Please contact me for more details and registration.

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Open. Aware. Like the sky. Open awareness 

MBSR course in Berlin, fall 2019

I will be offering the MBSR course in Berlin starting in October 2019. Please contact me for further details.

The course will take place on Saturday’s between 1715 – 1945, in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. The full day of mindfulness practice will be on Sunday.

MBSR course curriculum

Week 1, 12.10 Exploring mindfulness. “There is more right with you than wrong”.
Week 2, 19.10 How we Perceive the World and Ourselves
Week 3, 26.10 Being at Home in Our Own Body
Week 4, 2.11 What Is Stress? Encountering Stress Mindfully
Week 5, 16.11 Stress: Reaction or Mindful Response
Week 6, 23.11 Mindful Communication
Mindful day, Sunday 1.12 Silent mindful day practice
Week 7, 7.12 Taking Care of Ourselves
Week 8, 14.12 Looking Backward, Going Forward

MBSR – Mindfulness-based stress reduction training in Berlin

During Oct 2019 – Dec 2019 I will be offering the “MBSR” training course in English.

The training will take place in a lovely studio in Prenzlauerberg. The training consists of 8 meetings of 2.5 – 3 hours each, and one full day of mindfulness practice.


Saturday at 1715 – 2015: 12.10, 19.10, 26.10, 2.11, 16.11, 23.11, 7.12, 14.12

Mindfulness practice day: Sunday the 1.12 between 1000am – 1600pm.

For more details please contact me directly.