Warming up

It's cold, it's dark, it's hazy. Some days the sun does not come out at all. In other days it peeks out, sending raws of cold light. Lying sun, we use to call it when I was a child in Israel. It looks like the sun but behave differently. It makes light, but not heat.

Since I moved to Berlin, every winter i'm surprised that it is winter, that this is winter, this is how it feels: dark, gloomy, cold. Every winter i search for ways to heat up. Warm up.

This winter I will be leading an MBSR course (mindfulness based stress reduction) in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. I warmly invite you to come and warm up with me. How can mindfulness warm you up, you might be asking yourself. Well, practicing mindfulness train us to be at home, to feel at home, regardless of the conditions. It's like finding our place in within ourselves.

Are you ready to stop looking for answers outside? to get comfortable with yourself and the world, not matter how you are, no matter what you think and feel of the world at that moment? With mindfulness we train ourselves to relax, to be, to allow, to stop judging, to stop telling the world how it should be or what we like and what we dislike, and just be.

Come join me!

Feb – March 2020, 9 weeks, every Saturday at 1100AM – 1330PM + one Sunday for full day of practice.

For more details, and questions, and mostly to set up a pre-interview and register to the course, contact me.


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